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3 Day Trader Intensive - EXCLUSIVE OFFER EXPIRES 3-31-17

Just as Picasso shattered the art community with his out-of-the-box thinking. John Person has been redefining trading for over 35 years. He's been teaching other traders his incredible set-ups and specific trading tools that give out some of the most reliable signals. These same techniques helped him generate a 100.6% results in his stock advisory service in 2013, 43.3% in 2014, and in 2015 we are already over a 58% year to date gain.

On May 18th, 2017 you can join John for an unforgettable 3 days of live teaching & live trading in Las Vegas, Nevada at the LUXOR Hotel.

This incredible event will teach you the importance of John's top subject matters like seasonal analysis, Persons Pivots, and Cycles. Yes! Cycle analysis. If you attended any of his free webinar classes in June or early July, you may remember how he had called for an interim top in the Stock market by the 3rd week of July.

This warning was heavily promoted to serve as a warning to all investors. In fact he even gave that insight to an elite group of traders that attended a private function where he was a guest speaker here in Florida on Sunday June 22nd and nearly one month before the stock market peaked!

Typically we look for cycle lows, but we can also look at specific longer term cycles to determine peaks. Because John combines this with seasonal studies and more confirming indicators which he will teach you - they were prepared and caught one of the largest one day declines, over a 2% move in the stock market, in all of 2015. Once again, combined with specific confirming indicators he nailed an incredible trade opportunity based on that very teachable technique.

And that is just one of the topics John will be covering in this special event.

You can also expect to learn:

  • Comparative Relative Strength.
  • Cycle Analysis.
  • Market Internals.
  • Option strategies using IV/HV & Volume/ Open Int.
  • Pivots vs Fibonacci & when to trust specific chart patterns.
  • Set-ups: Entries and Exit Strategies.

You won't want to miss this! The techniques and skills that John is going to share with you at this event will turn your hobby into an art. Picasso would be impressed.


Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Registration: 8:30AM - 9:00AM

Lesson 1: 9:00AM - 3:30PM (Breakfast and Lunch included)

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Lesson 2: 9:00AM - 3:30PM (Breakfast and Lunch included)

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Lesson 3: 9:00AM - 3:30PM (Breakfast and Lunch included)


Luxor Hotel and Casino

3900 S Las Vegas Blvd.,

Las Vegas, NV 89119