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The Bottom-Line Newsletter is a publication written by John L. Person. The publication was a result of many request from clients and friends in the Futures Industry who followed John's daily recommendations on his daily Bottomline Report hotline. In 1998, John started to print his analysis as The Bottomline Newsletter.

The Bottomline Newsletter follows a simple format. It includes a Calendar of Events, Options Expirations First Notice Day, Stock earning Reports, Major news events that could affect the markets, a review of past events, a Fundamental perspective for the upcoming MONTH and market analysis on 16 Commodities.

Furthermore, each Commodity has a weekly/monthly support and resistance key numbers. Based on his analysis and his interpretation of market patterns, cycles and other studies, each Commodity is given an outlook of the risk and reward on different strategies for trading each Commodity.

To further understand how you can take advantage of this service, you need to follow the analysis and select a Commodity of your choice, then compare our analysis with what actually happens during the trading week. You are able to make this comparison during the 2-wk trial subscription period. Read what other students and course members have to say >> testimonials <<

A brief explanation of the Numbers and the Market Direction System.

As some of you that have been at my last two seminars are aware, the Market Direction number is a specific moving average. The "numbers" point out if the market condition is either in a bullish state or bearish state depending on the relationship of the close, the pivot point and that market direction number. My program lines-up the Pivot Point values to reflect what a neutral market condition might be, more specifically what we expect the actual range might be for that time period. Those columns are considered as the Key Target numbers.

If the market is to become Bullish then the numbers line up what the potential, or estimated range might be in that condition. Of course the same holds true for a bearish condition.

I calculate these every Week and every Month to help give me an idea of what market condition to expect, where the potential support and resistance lies and more importantly what the potential range (High and Low) of a given time period might be.

Here is the most important aspect of this system, it also gives me a clue if the market is overbought or oversold when prices deviate or departs to far from the means.

This way I can look for reversal buy or sell opportunities.

When I see those opportunities on a longer term time frame, that is the analysis and recommendations I put in the newsletter. The Bottomline Weekly Newsletter gives specific entries and risk management advice.

I also look at the potential risk to reward parameters and decide if a futures position is warranted or an option strategy would suit our trading needs better.

The Calculation used to determine Bullish or Bearish in the Market Direction Column is a specific proprietary formula that I use to determine my analysis. That means it is not to be shared or explained. It is unique in that sense that only I have this exact feature. As you have read or will continue to read my research and market calls you will discover the accuracy and consistency in my trading recommendations. The reason, I have a proven testifiable method.

My product that you have recently been introduced to, has a major advantage over other "systems" including the so called "bullet Proof" or Pure Moving Average Systems.

Mainly due to the frequency of my analysis, it is sensitive to market conditions and changes as it not only adjusts or adapts to changes in the market, from a specialized moving average approach but gives price projections, or objectives in specific time periods.

If you are looking for a methodology that helps pin-point both Time and Price then look no further. I have studied, researched, traded and experimented and I have never found a more reliable method for consistently and accurately predicting market reversals and corresponding trending phases. I look forward to sharing with select members some of what I expect will be rewarding market analysis, helping to continually keep my investors on the right side of the markets. This is why and how I will deliver to you a winning edge in this exciting yet turbulent trading environment!

Your subscription includes the Newsletter and the Weekly and Monthly Pivot Numbers in addition your Video Commentaries from John Person with market updates. - No Services are provided during these holidays: NEW YEAR , EASTER, THANKS-GIVING ( Close from Wed - Sunday), AND CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY - Our office is close between Christmas eve and the Day after New Years day.

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