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What we do and who we is an Educational and advisory service company for investors and active traders founded by John Person. John Person's day trading techniques using Candlestick Charts in conjunction with Pivot Point Analysis is used to help predict highs and lows of stock market price moves. His teaching approach of using this combination of candlestick chart formations and the calculations from Pivot Point analysis will help you be better in tune with your online investing skills. John Person's presentations reveal the formula used in the profit calculation, as well as how to apply it for different stock market time frames. John Person's online trading webinars and presentations can be reviewed on John's system is also known as "Person Pivots" or "PPS". If you want to follow us on twitter, click here for instructions.

John Person's Mentorship

Allow our professional team to help you determine your trading skills and learn new tactics to accomplish your trading investment goals. We believe that options training should be available and reasonable to all who desire to learn it. So ask one of our team representatives what products are best for you. If you are a position trader or a short term trader, our team is here to help you succeed. Attend our Stock Trading Seminars

We have a variety of products and services to meet the needs of all individuals who are interested to learn stock trading oline. From beginners to advanced students, our educational strategies are not difficult and are very powerful in the hands of the students who follow and master our stock trading programs. Our team is dedicated to assist our students in all aspects of day trading education.

We also help traders with products such as Newsletters on Stocks, Futures and ETF's including videos, updates, email alerts and trading systems with our proprietary indicators.

Receive online stock training education and advisory resources, such as updated videos of Stock Scanning and Planning by registering here or calling 561-655-1881.




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