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PersonsPlanet.com is an Educational and Advisory service company for investors and active traders founded by John Person. We have a variety of products and services to meet the needs of all individuals interested in learning to trade for the beginner or the advanced students.

We help traders with products such as Newsletters on Stocks, Futures and ETF's including videos, updates, emails alerts and trading systems with our proprietary indicators.

The University program formatted to fit all type of traders, beginners and advance is the BEST program available to teach you step by step all the information you will need to create and develop your OWN trading plan.

John Person is a 33 year veteran of the Futures and Options Trading industry. He started on the Floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 1979. He then had the privilege of working with George Lane , the innovator of the stochastic indicator. John has worked his way throughout the industry as an independent Trader, Broker, Analyst and Branch Manager for one of Chicago's largest discount / full service firms under the direct supervision of a former Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. John is an active member of AAPTA, the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts.

John is the author of several top rated trading courses and books including The Complete Guide to Technical Analysis for the Futures Markets, Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers, Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders and he is co-author of the Commodity Traders Almanac series all published by John Wiley and Sons. He was the first ever to introduce traders to a powerful combination of candlesticks and pivot point analysis.

In 1998, he developed his own proprietary trading system and began publishing "The Bottom-Line Financial and Futures Newsletter", a monthly publication that incorporates fundamental developments as well as technical analysis that includes the data from his trading system, with his powerful indicator "Persons Pivots" as well as his moving average methodology that created the PPS indicator on TD Ameritrades Thinkorswim platform. In addition, John Publishes PA Stock Alerts, with daily and weekly stock trades and video analysis on select stocks and ETF's. The nations most respected business journalists call on John for his market opinions. He is widely quoted by CBS Market Watch, Reuters, Dow Jones, and has appeared regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox News. He is sought after speaker for many of the worlds top professional organizations such as the IFTA, ATAA and the MTA, as well as some of the countries top national investment conferences.

Tom Aspray: Tom began analyzing the financial markets in 1980 while conducting biochemical research at the University of Oregon. In using computers to analysis the three dimensional configuration of protein structures, Tom turned his attention to the financial markets where he began applying some of the same research methodology. 

In 1982 he became the Director of Research for a financial advisory firm where he provided regular market analysis on the many of the markets, including stocks, commodities, currencies and mutual funds. Through his continuing computer research he was able to discover (pinpoint) how many, then obscure technical indicators or methods, could be applied to the financial markets. It is this insight that has allowed him to teach how these indicators could be interpreted and then used as an effective trading tool. Many of these indicators such as Gerry Appell's MACD or Welles Wilder's RSI have subsequently gained wide popularity. Tom's unique application of trend lines and moving averages on the indicators, as part of his approach to divergence analysis, helped fuel their worldwide acceptance. As part of this work he created a modification of the MACD called the MACD-Histogram. 


Support Team We have a very professional group that takes care of our client needs personally, John Person Jr.,and Mary Person.


Hi Mary and John, what an absolutely superb time we had on the cruise. It was everything we had hoped it would be for us and more.

Dear John and Mary, Thank you for putting together a first class cruise. We throughly enjoyed everything. The review of your system with emphasis on how to be more effective has been great for us..

3/14/14 - John Tks for your mentoring Class in N. Palm Beach.  I followed you slass on option and was able to B a 235 Jun Apple call last Friday. It Gapped up this AM with almost $500.00 profi