John Person Calendar of Events

Location: USA

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  • April 15th - April 18th - Prague
  • April 26th - Private Mentoring>>click here<<
  • May 11th - May 14th Las Vegas - Money Show - Register click here
  • May 15th - 16th - TTU Seminar Workshop - >>Click here to Register<<
  • May 21-22nd - IFT Webinar event
  • June 22nd - 26th - Mentoring Florida
  • November 18 - 21, 2015 Traders Expo



1-6-2015-Please thank John for that amazing analysis of the USO option trade is last nights stock report. Pro at work for sure. cheers, Michael

Hello Mary, I have been following John Person since early 2010.  Over the years, I have studied many market professionals, but have found none to be of the same caliber as John. John is a cons

Hi Mary and John, what an absolutely superb time we had on the cruise. It was everything we had hoped it would be for us and more.