3-day Special Event in Florida

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

John Person's event in Florida


We are inviting you to an unforgettable 3-Day event! With Live teaching and Live Trading!

If you have never attended one of my events then take advantage of this very special workshop. I am not only teaching some of my incredible set-ups, but I will also be sharing with you the best way to use specific trading tools that give out some of the most reliable signals.

These same techniques helped us generate a 100.6% return in our stock advisory service in 2013, in 2014 with 43.3% and in 2015 we are already over a 58% year to date gain. This is stock picking at its best, with no options! Imagine what the performance would be using specialized option strategies.

Why is the seminar different?

This time I am joining forces with a very successful trader. You may not have heard of him. In fact, he is a Doctor, an Oncologist, more importantly he is a very successful trader. Moreover he is one of my students.  He reaches out to his community of Doctors who believe it or not are struggling to make money in this economy.

This seminar will teach you the importance of my top subject matters like seasonal analysis, Persons Pivots, and Cycles. Yes Cycle analysis. If you attended any of my free webinar classes in June or early July, you may remember how I had called for an interim top in the Stock market by the 3rd week of July. This warning was heavily promoted to serve as a warning to all investors. In fact I even gave that insight to an elite group of traders that attended a private function that I was a guest speaker at here in Florida on Sunday June 22nd  nearly one month before the stock market peaked!  Typically we look for Cycle lows, but we can also look at specific longer term cycles to determine peaks. Combined with seasonal studies and more confirming indicators which I will teach you exactly how and when to use we were prepared and caught one of the largest one day declines, over a 2% move in the stock market, in all of 2014.  Once again, combined with specific confirming indicators we nailed an incredible trade opportunity based on that very teachable technique.

And that is just some of what we will be covering in this special workshop.

I also want to teach you how you can scan for trading opportunities by letting computer software do the heavy lifting for you! We will also be teaching these critical subjects:

  • Comparative Relative Strength.
  • Cycle Analysis.
  • Market Internals.
  • Option strategies using IV/HV & Volume/ Open Int.
  • Pivots vs Fibonacci  &  when to trust specific chart patterns.
  • Set-ups: Entries and Exit Strategies.
  • Specialized leveraged and inverse ETF’s that correspond with specific Stock Index’s like the Dow, the NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, and the S&P 500. Bearish ones like $DOG, $QID, & $TZA, but I want to teach you ALL the ETFS that will magnify your returns.

Like I mentioned before you also need to know when and how to apply proper position sizing techniques so when the market moves you are properly positioned.

If you’ve been struggling, or scarred to trade due to a past experience, if your trading performance has been struggling then I encourage you to sign up right away and get the best education, but not just from a master but also a student of the master who in his own rights is now a successful trader, Dr. Jeffrey Scott.

We will both teach you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make you’re a better trader, with less risk than ever before. Armed with this new education you will be able to have the confidence to act swiftly and execute consistent trades in the market.

The secrets and unique techniques we disclose in this event are designed to make you a Superstar Trader. There is physically LIMITED seating so again sign up now.

Just like in trading, don’t let a little ‘Theta” time decay leave you in the Dust.
Reserve YOUR seat! Don't be left out.....

John will show you how......

JOHN will show you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make your trade smarter, with less risk than ever before. John will teach you patterns that will bring you immediate results using the Pivot Point method (PPS), and how to implement a moving average system. You will leave this seminar with confidence, competence and consistent methods. John will show you exactly how to manage risk as well as rewards.

ONLY our seminars can offer you, and DELIVER, all of the above!
John Person's trading approach incorporates time tested techniques with the aid of Pivot Points and candlestick charts which help identify the true condition of the markets. If you believe market prices are simply the reflection of human emotion on perceived CURRENT VALUE and focus on what the market is doing rather than what the market might do, then you are ahead of the crowd in understand how markets function. With that understanding you will then be able to have the confidence to act swiftly and execute or trigger into a trade or position in the market.
Learn the right way to watch over your money and
become your own boss!
The secrets and unique techniques we disclose in this event are designed to make you a Superstar Trader. There is physically only LIMITED seating.

***Just like in trading, those who delay are left out****
Reserve YOUR seat! Don't be left out.....

Register Now $1277.00
As a Special BONUS

residents not staying at the hotel (561) 655-1881

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Seminar without hotel 1277.00
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2/Payment Plan without hotel 749.00

Where:  Hilton Garden Inn

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33404

When:    Saturday, October 31, 2015
Registration: 8:30AM - 9:00AM
9:00AM - 3:30PM - Intensive Teaching
Breakfast and Lunch included

Sunday, November 1st, 2015
Registration: 8:30AM - 9:00AM
9:00AM - 3:30PM - Intensive Teaching
Breakfast and Lunch included

Monday, November 2nd, 2015
9:00 am - 3:30pm - Live Trading / Teaching
Breakfast and Lunch included

I strongly suggest that you register now. This High Powered LIVE TRAINING EVENT will fill up quickly and I cannot make any exceptions since I have very limited space.

Guest Speaker:

Jeffrey Scott - Jeffrey is a board certified Medical Oncologist and a long time customer of John Person. Like many physicians he started trading on tips learned in the doctors lounge in the 80’s.  Fortunately, Dr. Scott realized that the key to successful trading was learning how to trade and not relying on unsubstantiated tips. Dr. Scott retired from practice in 2003 and in the past decade he has started 3 healthcare services companies that he sold to public companies.  Over the past  20 years, Jeffrey has been swing trading stocks and when schedule allowed, day trading futures. 

Jeffrey has been a frequent speaker at investment conferences and has a weekly investing video blog.   When asked to describe his trading philosophy, Dr. Scott advises his students to Become Their Own Guru.  Jeffrey has been a student of the market for 30 years and credits his success to what he has learned over the years from many of the masters.  Dr. Scott enjoys teaching his students not only what he has learned but how he has applied these learnings to balance a successful trading business within an active life whether working or spending time with his family.

Dr. Scott has been a student of John Person for nearly 10 years and incorporates much of John’s trading philosophy in his daily routine.

OUR Support Team:

Sonya IrwinSonya Irwin - Sonya has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with over 20 year’s experience in the business field. She currently owns a business in alternative healthcare. She was 15 years old when first introduced to trading options by her dad. There was no electronic option trading. Sonya learned to draw charts by plotting price each day from the information printed in the Investor's Business Daily newspaper. Sonya was away from trading several years. She became certified in Yoga and Pilates that allowed her the opportunity for a successful business teaching Yoga and Pilates to individuals with specific health problems. Sonya still teaches Yoga and Pilates privately. She began trading options again in 2005. In pursuit of expanding her trading knowledge, she found John Person. She wanted to learn to trade futures. Sonya has completed the Trading Triggers University Course, Private Mentoring, and has attended numerous seminars all over the United States by John Person. She is a full-time trader and her trading is based on the methodology and education that she has learned from John. Sonya has been actively trading in John Person's trading room for 5 years.

Mary Person - Vice President of John Person Inc- recognized as a broad based world based worldwide showcasing over seventeen years of proven ability in technical product development, materials development, new business development, market positioning and technology.
Mary is proactive and results driven and a superb communicator who leads by example and is quick to capitalize on business opportunities and acts in executive leadership role in business development and management. Mary holds full P&L responsibility, with a proven record of team building, strategic partnering and long term planning. Led successful product development and introduction campaigns in corporate environments where sustainable growth, consistent profitability and technical superiority were the order of the day. Prior to her current position, Mary was the Vice-President of First National Futures Group a futures brokerage firm and branch manager of First American Corporation, a register FCM in Chicago. As a computer science major, Mary worked for General Dynamics / DataGraphix, Siemens/Autologic. For the past four years, Mary Person has served as the President and Treasurer of Harbor Village Association and also served an additional five years as President and Treasurer of Edgewater Corporation.

What do we include:

All day beverages, coffee and tea. Breakfast and lunch for the three days. Internet connection FREE in the conference room.

The location of the hotel / seminar is exceptional - just a few miles from the best Golf courses in Palm Beach County, PGA International, North Palm Beach Golf Course and many more. The hotel is located on Palm Beach Gardens near shopping, Palm Beach Gardens mall across the street with many restaurants around the hotel you will have many options on where to relax after class and the Beach only a few minute drive. The Airport is within 20 minutes of the hotel.

If you need assistance or a special request with all the travel arrangements, please contact our office and we will try to help you  at 561-655-1881.

What other additional benefits will you receive?

  • You will learn in detail patterns and strategies that you experience and become familiar with the next day during your Live trading event.
  • You will learn a full detailed explanation on how his pattern works (PPS).
  • John will give you insight regarding the influence that Market Makers have on price movements.
  • John will explain the relevance and importance of using his most important tools to analyze the markets.
  • Help you sharpen your trading skills and learn a trading method that you can begin using immediately. 

Ask yourself a question: How many times do you find yourself trading in circles...having a string of good days, only to be followed by the blowout trades that bring you right back to where you started from?

If so read on....

Successful trading is all about diligence, hard work, and having a winning attitude! Take the trades that were developed with positive thought from PREDEFINE TRADING SIGNALS based on a sound TRADING PLAN.

John will help you develop the confidence to execute when a trading opportunity presents itself. Trading on a rule based system will help you overcome any issues as long as you are trading based on a Signal or Trigger. NEVER take action on ANTICIPATING the signal....

Based on the Person's Pivot Indicator (PPI), an alert is generated when change in market direction are in effect.  How do you proceed with this information? What is the purpose of this calculation? How do you benefit?

The PPI not only helps to filter out which pivot point support and resistance number to use, but it also gives you advanced warnings of what the next time periods market condition will be based on the current close. Using that information you can simply look to take trades that are within the predicted market condition.

You are in for an exciting training event! Be one of the first 25 registrations and this event after all the great bonuses and discounts will make this event the best offer ever made!

Your cost of $1277.00 includes two days of breakfast, lunch, beverage (valued at $125.00 per day), and free internet (valued at $19.99 a day) a. Special Offer ends August 15th,2015

What do you need to bring to the event?

You can bring your laptop, the room has internet and electricity and a comfortable environment so that you can take your notes and watch the market from the confort of your own computer.

You will be provided a workbook and copy of the material presented during the event for you to review and take notes during the event.

You will be offered a 60-day trial to John's newsletter for FREE - an additional value of $249 as a bonus and add more help to your new path to success.

We hope to see you at this event.

Special Offer ends August 15, 2015

Still thinking? Here is what others have said about

John Person's events.....

Thank you John! I really cannot overstate how valuable your work will be to me, and I am very grateful to see this great work provided in TOS. Since your original presentation, I back tested against many, many stocks I am trading and it really is very predictive as you already know but I am just discovering in my areas of interest. I know you emphasized that you should wait for the confirmation the following trading period, and I agree; however, I noticed that if you are “in the direction of the trend” there were few to no exceptions to successful outcomes by trading on the first signal (upward blue arrow in TOS) if overall trend was in the same direction and could help you capture that first move. I also notice that if trend is positive and see downward arrow, you can avoid excessive trading by doing as you said – wait for the next confirmation. I am very grateful for this work you have done and you are making a difference for small investors like me! Mike

“Once you have your trading method developed and tested, the next step is psychology. The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program is a state of the art, excellent course that has really made a vast difference - to my trading attitude. I now, automatically follow my plan, don't take unplanned trades, and am ok with some losers. Norman his wife, Tisha, provide have a hands on approach in addition to being very approachable and friendly.”"Disciplined Trader" T. Curley, Wicklow, Ireland

My name is Kris and I attended the presentation that John gave to the trading group that I was part of last Saturday (Oct. 10). I would like to say thank you to John for how much he has helped me and my father become better traders. Listening to him and learning about his system has actually helped us understand more of what we are doing. I must have read and studied everything that was put in front of me on the subject of trading. From the Fundamentals to Advanced Technical Analysis, I was always reading something. Even the courses and instructors that I was a part of kept me confused about what I was really doing. His presentation on the subject of trading and listening to his stories about his past in the business (and trading with his son) gave us more confidence and a real world view on everything. He took a world of trading insanity and simplified it. We are trading smarter and better because of him. I cannot thank him enough.If you could pass this on to him it would mean a lot to us. Thank you! Kris & Kevin J.

This is not the first time writing to you expressing gratitude. It was light in FOREX trading that i have seen after reading your book FOREX Conquered. Your words are now carved in my my brain, and i remeber them before every trade. I collected 329 pips out of possible 395 pips shorting the sterling pound. Thanks to your words on confluence points.i just wanted to say thank you, Sincerely T.M.

I have been doing great with your system. this is making my retirement plans pan out extremely well. your system is fantastic. thank you so much Loren M

Thank you John! I really cannot overstate how valuable your work will be to me, and I am very grateful to see this great work provided in TOS. Since your original presentation, I back tested against many, many stocks I am trading and it really is very predictive as you already know but I am just discovering in my areas of interest. I know you emphasized that you should wait for the confirmation the following trading period, and I agree; however, I noticed that if you are “in the direction of the trend” there were few to no exceptions to successful outcomes by trading on the first signal (upward blue arrow in TOS) if overall trend was in the same direction and could help you capture that first move. I also notice that if trend is positive and see downward arrow, you can avoid excessive trading by doing as you said – wait for the next confirmation. I am very grateful for this work you have done and you are making a difference for small investors like me Mike

Hi John, I wanted to let you know that I announced in the room today that with the trade we took this morning I officially paid for my investment in TTU. I started right after the July 4th Holiday. This was one of my first major goals I had set for myself and wanted to share it with you TP.

 The cost of this educational seminar may be 100% TAX deductible when used for business/investment purposes. Consult your tax advisor. Please note: Futures, Options, Forex, and Stock trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not for everyone. Each investor must carefully consider their own suitability for trading these kinds of investments. Due to very limited capacity, late enrollment may not be accepted. Order now to secure and confirm your seat at this event.

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John Person Calendar of Events

Location: USA

Click on the Registration Links in Your Area.

Thinking about joining John for a live event? Want to belong to the PUG's? Call the office and register



October 8th, 2015-  John Person's webinar --register click here--

October 14-16, Las Vegas, Nevada- Trader’s Expo, John will share his expertise on how to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing market.

John Person's Presentations during the Trade Show - booth # 210:

Thursday - october 15th, 2015 -

9:00 - 9:45AM Panel Moderator

10:30AM - 11:00AM - TradeStation Booth #401

12:00PM Nadex Booth

3:45-4:15pm PST - 30 minute Trading Pit presentation. 

 Join John Person as he shares his methods for scanning for high probability stock trades using Thinkorswim’s Scanning feature with his PPS indicator. He will share with you how to line up and identify money flowing into and out of sectors as stocks populate on the scans. He will also share incredible useful filters one can apply to nail down a few choice set-ups using Persons Pivots

5:45-6:30pm PST - 45 minute educational presentation

The Best Method That Has Helped More People Trade Better and Improve Their Odds at Success

Join John Person as he gives a detailed presentation on the tools and strategies used for searching high-probability trading set-ups in high-velocity markets, so that you can trade on the right side of the markets.

October 31st, November 1 and 2nd - 3-DAYS of learning and Trading LIVE in Florida -
Call us to schedule at 561-655-1881.

June 12-19, 2016, Mediterranean Seminar at Sea, departing from Barcelona- Join us abroad a Royal Carribean Cruise for the most exciting, personalized and in-depth event John has ever hosted. Read more and register here!

Want to catch John live from the comfort of, well, anywhere?

Check out one of his livestream webinars:

October 8th, 2015

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.


Seminar At Sea

Location: Europe -

"They Didn't Think We Could Make Better Trading Experience, But We DID!"

John Person's Mentorship

John Person a successful market analyst and trader will share one on one the amazing skills to become a great trader. He has been the answer to many traders who now have a better understanding of the market and have been able to succeed.




In the past few years the market has proven what an untrained investor can loose!!!

Do you want the freedom of not being paralyzed by a gazillion different options, and just having something that looks great and works all on its own?

Do you want solid information, high-converting strategies, that work right "out of the box", created by one the most talented traders and best technical Analyst in the industry?

Do you want to learn from one of the BEST standing by your side and ready to ensure you have the best possible learning experience?

...Then you’ll LOVE to come AND join US:

A 7-Day Cruise and TRADING TRAINING in the middle of the Europe, enjoying the sun after a full day of learning! Join us for a 7-Days on ONE of the largest ship in the world today "7-NIGHT WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE" from Royal Caribbean Cruises with coaching, trading, and personal mentorship at sea JUNE 12, 2016 to design your plan and find out exactly how to take control of your investments and plan for what's ahead.

Become a "Master Trader!" Discuss, in detail... the "Three Ways To Analyze Your Charts " with me, John Person, with days-on-end, packed with information and hands on training. July is only a few months away and it's more critical than ever to set a very clear, specific, path for your Stock, Options, Forex and Futures trading and get a handle on how to trade in our current economic climate... let ME help you. During our time together you'll discover what we believe is the absolute best trading strategies on the planet and you'll discover, in detail, proven methods to grow your profits and expand your wealth the right way in 2015 and beyond.You'll get access to me, John Person personally and discover world class trading techniques, vehicles, methods and tools to help you become a master trader.

Listen, you don't want to compromise the quality of your work by not applying the right techniques.

You want to know how the professionals use the information and know how to work in every possible scenario, no matter which market you choose to trade.

TESTIMONIAL: Posted By: J & R Watson Dated Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014

Dear John and Mary, Thank you for putting together a first class cruise. We throughly enjoyed everything. The review of your system with emphasis on how to be more effective has been great for us.. The mentoring at sea was planned and executed extremely well. The schedule was adhered to and also allowed plenty of relaxation and family time. We were presented with many trading ideas and bonus material to help make us successful traders. John and Mary made the cruise even more exciting by offering additional fun things to do and experience. It was a first class cruise!

John Person's classes teach you just that.

A trading Methodology that covers specific method for trading high performance set-ups covering Stocks, ETF's, Futures and Foreign Currencies.

You pick the market and John will teach you to quickly identify appropriate risk and reward objectives, keeping your trades well within your planned criteria. It’s seriously THAT easy.

Does the idea of having a Trading Methodology that actually works FOR you and not against you sound appealing?

Then we'll be pleased to have you join us.

Get Started

You have some options when cruising - click on the price to select your choice of cabin:



 Price per person
TAXES / non-commissionalble cruise fares included /

(transportation  to port not included)

As of June 1st the Gratuity of $84 each must be prepaid and already added to the price.




4 -PAY

 (N)Interior  $1609 per person


PAY 805 X4
 (C1)Central Park View w/BALCONY  $1834.00 per person


PAY 920. X4
 (B2)BOARDWALK  VIEW/BALCONY  $1834.00 per person


PAY $920.00 X4
 (D6) OCEAN VIEW W/BALCO  $1909.00 per person


PAY $955 X4
 (D5)OCEAN VIEW W/BALCONY  $1950.00 per person


PAY $980 X4
 (JS)JUNIOR SUITE  $2582.00 per person


PAY $1291 X4


1ST PAYMENT OF $1000 - and one payment once a month for $500.00 until account is paid in full. Please note that ALL payments must be PAID in FULL 90 DAYS in advance by March 1st, 2016, not refunds will be issued.

We also recommend that you check into insuring your cruise class/vacation. CSA Travel Protection (800)554-9839 OR Royal Caribbean. CSA Travel protection offers a good package for weather related policy coverage - please check with your agents at either company. 

Cancellations - Group cruise policy:
120 Days or less - no refunds.

The Cruise Package Price includes the following:
Stateroom Accommodations
Taxes and Non-Commissionable Cruise fares ( not included are gratuities and port transfers)
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
Award winning Entertainment, from full Broadway shows to spectacular Ice Shows
Shipboard activities suited for everyone (Flowrider, rock climbing, zip-line, fitness center etc.)
And so much more!

Seminar Images from the past >>click here <<

Mediterranean Itinerary -

Day Port  *** Arrive Depart Activity Dock
June 12 Barcelona    6:00 PM   D
June 13 Palma De Mallorca, Spain 8:00AM 4:00PM  


June 14 Provence (Marseilles) France  9:00AM 6:00PM   D
June 15 Florence/Pisa(Laspezia) Italy 8:30 AM 8:30PM   D
June 16 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 7:00AM 8:00PM   D
June 17 Naples, Italy  7:00 AM  8:00 PM Docked D
June 18 Cruising       C
June 19 Barcelona, Spain  5:00 AM  


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The Authorization code is 9374DN - To purchase your flight, visit and when booking add the coupon Code for the additional 5% discount.

Check this video I found on youtube about the sister ship the HARMONY, our ship is just a few feet longer but almost the same experience as the oasis. ----Click Here to view---

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There is a way you can take this cruise and end up with all your money back... How you ask???

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"Your Most Important Decision this Year"

After our trip together, you will have more confidence, be more competent and gain more consistent results from the powerful, proven, methods, tactics and strategies you'll discover, than any other single event you've attended before.



Thank you John!  Thank you for making the journey to Kansas City (Overland Park, Kansas) and for your terrific presentation on Saturday morning

7/9/2015- Dear John and Mary, ...Personally, I started trading full time about a year ago. Up until that point, my own market involvement was limited to longer term holdings because I had been told

1-6-2015-Please thank John for that amazing analysis of the USO option trade is last nights stock report. Pro at work for sure. cheers, Michael