3-Day Event in Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - May 18-20

Seminar 2017: May 18-19-20

FINALLY! A Seminar that combines world class trading techniques and the knowledge of when and how to use Technical Indicators; so that you can make the RIGHT trading choices and succeed on a CONSISTANT basis.

Master Trader, John Person,will bring you a one-of-a-kind event that will change the way you are trading today!

Seminar Discounted Price $1278.00 - FOR THE FIRST 15 REGISTRANTS
Regular Price $1978.00             

JOHN will show you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make your trades smarter, with less risk than ever before. John will teach you patterns that will bring you immediate results using the Pivot Point Method (PPS) and how to implement a moving average system. He will introduce you to indicators that will enable you to narrow the playing field in selecting the next day, week or month's High, Low or both!

John will go through each of the unique technical approaches that he uses to determine not only where the stock market is headed, but also which stocks or ETF's are under accumulation or distribution. He will share a little technique that will tell you when to stay out.

John will show you the most powerful triggers, analytical tools, disciplinary skills; illustrating each of them using Stocks, Futures, and Forex markets. Imagine how valuable it will be to see how professional traders make their trading decisions during our LIVE TRADING EVENT. Time will be given for our professional traders to answer any questions you may have.

Nothing John will be teaching will be left to interpretation. You will leave this seminar with confidence, competence and consistent methods; which will show you exactly how to manage risks, as well as rewards. ONLY John's  seminars can offer you all the above, and then DELIVER on it!

"Money management is a skill that separates WINNERS from LOSERS."
John Person




John Person Calendar of Events

Location: USA

John Person's Event Calendar


  • Tuesday, January 24th, Webinar Guest Speaker Tom Sosnoff 4:30 PM ET
  • Thursday, January 26th, VIP PUG Meeting (VIP's Only)
  • Friday, February 17th, Guest Speaker at MIT at 7:00 PM ET
    • Room 395 of the Tang Center, MIT Building E51
    • 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA
    • Entrance is at 2 Amherst St.
    • Parking available behind the building or one block west off Hayward St.
  • AAPTF  Meeting, March 17th - 19th
  • MENTORING - March 26, 2017 - March 31st - limited seating - call 561-655-1881
  • Seminar in Las Vegas, May 18th - 20th

Want to catch John live from the comfort of, well, anywhere?

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7/25/16 - Thank you, Mary for all of your help and support last week during the mentoring. Testimonial sent: The personal mentoring with John Person is by far the best tr

7/26/16 - Hi John, I picked this off of a buy signal a few weeks ago. I checked out fundamentally and it is interesting. THANKS!!!! for your indicators!. I have exited 2/3 of my position over 5.25

5/16/16 - Mr John Person, I want to thank you for what has been for me the best trading room I have ever experienced. After trading every summer for 16 years my wife has finally convinced me to sel