Seminar At Sea

Location: Caribbean

"They Didn't Think We Could Make Better Trading Experience, But We DID!"

John Person's Mentorship

John Person a successful market analyst and trader will share one on one the amazing skills to become a great trader. He has been the answer to many traders who now have a better understanding of the market and have been able to succeed.



In the past few years the market has proven what an untrained investor can loose!!!

Do you want the freedom of not being paralyzed by a gazillion different options, and just having something that looks great and works all on its own?

Do you want solid information, high-converting strategies, that work right "out of the box", created by one the most talented traders and best technical Analyst in the industry?

Do you want to learn from one of the BEST standing by your side and ready to ensure you have the best possible learning experience?

...Then you’ll LOVE to come AND join US:

A 7-Day Cruise and TRADING TRAINING in the middle of the Caribbean, enjoying the sun after a full day of learning! Join us for a 7-Days on the largest ship in the world today "OASIS" from Royal Caribbean Cruises with coaching, trading, and personal mentorship at sea July 18th - 2015 to design your plan and find out exactly how to take control of your investments and plan for what's ahead.

Become a "Master Trader!" Discuss, in detail... the "Three Ways To Analyze Your Charts " with me, John Person, with days-on-end, packed with information and hands on training. July is only a few months away and it's more critical than ever to set a very clear, specific, path for your Stock, Options, Forex and Futures trading and get a handle on how to trade in our current economic climate... let ME help you. During our time together you'll discover what we believe is the absolute best trading strategies on the planet and you'll discover, in detail, proven methods to grow your profits and expand your wealth the right way in 2015 and beyond.You'll get access to me, John Person personally and discover world class trading techniques, vehicles, methods and tools to help you become a master trader.

Listen, you don't want to compromise the quality of your work by not applying the right techniques.

You want to know how the professionals use the information and know how to work in every possible scenario, no matter which market you choose to trade.

John Person's classes teach you just that.

A trading Methodology that covers specific method for trading high performance set-ups covering Stocks, ETF's, Futures and Foreign Currencies.

You pick the market and John will teach you to quickly identify appropriate risk and reward objectives, keeping your trades well within your planned criteria. It’s seriously THAT easy.

Does the idea of having a Trading Methodology that actually works FOR you and not against you sound appealing?

Then we'll be pleased to have you join us.

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You have some options when cruising - click on the price to select your choice of cabin:



 Price per Staterooms/TAXES / non-commissionalble cruise fares /DOUBLE OCCUPANCY REQUIRED

(gratuity & transportation  to port not included)




4 -PAY

 (M)INTERIOR  $3500 per Staterooms

PAY 875 X4
 (B2)BOARDWALK VIEW/BALCONY  $3900 per Staterooms

PAY $975 X4
 (I) OCEAN STAREROOM  $4300 per Staterooms

PAY $1075 X4
 (D7)OCEAN VIEW W/BALCONY  $4500 per Staterooms

PAY $1125 X4
 (JS)JUNIOR SUITE  $5250.00 per Staterooms

PAY $1750 X3


1ST PAYMENT OF $1000 - and one payment once a month for $500.00 until account is paid in full. Please note that ALL payments must be PAID in FULL 90 DAYS in advance, not refunds will be issued.

We also recommend that you check into insuring your cruise class/vacation. CSA Travel Protection (800)554-9839 OR Royal Caribbean. CSA Travel protection offers a good package for weather related policy coverage - please check with your agents at either company. 

Cancellations - Group cruise policy:
90 Days or less - no refunds.

The Cruise Package Price includes the following:
Stateroom Accommodations
Taxes and Non-Commissionable Cruise fares ( not included are gratuities and port transfers)
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
Award winning Entertainment, from full Broadway shows to spectacular Ice Shows
Shipboard activities suited for everyone (Flowrider, rock climbing, zip-line, fitness center etc.)
And so much more!

Seminar Images from the past >>click here <<

Caribbean Itinerary -

Day Port  *** Arrive Depart Activity
18-Jul Fort Lauderdale, Florida    4:30 PM  
19-Jul Cruising      
20-Jul Labadee, Haiti  8:00 AM  5:00 PM Docked
21-Jul Falmouth, Jamaica  10:30 AM  7:00 PM Docked
22-Jul Cruising      
23-Jul Cozumel, Mexico  8:00 AM  7:00 PM Docked
24-Jul Cruising      
25-Jul Fort Lauderdale, Florida  6:15 AM  


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The Authorization code is 9374DN - To purchase your flight, visit and when booking add the coupon Code for the additional 5% discount.

Check this video I found on youtube about the sister ship the OASIS, our ship is just a few feet longer but almost the same experience as the oasis. ----Click Here to view---

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There is a way you can take this cruise and end up with all your money back... How you ask???

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"Your Most Important Decision this Year"

After our trip together, you will have more confidence, be more competent and gain more consistent results from the powerful, proven, methods, tactics and strategies you'll discover, than any other single event you've attended before.


John Person Calendar of Events

Location: USA

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  • March 27th & 28th - Paris, France
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  • April 15th - April 18th - Prague
  • April 26th - Private Mentoring>>click here<<
  • May 11th - May 14th Las Vegas - Money Show
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  • July 18th - 25th - 8-Day Western Caribbean Cruise <<Click Here to register<<
  • November 18 - 21, 2015 Traders Expo



1-6-2015-Please thank John for that amazing analysis of the USO option trade is last nights stock report. Pro at work for sure. cheers, Michael

Hello Mary, I have been following John Person since early 2010.  Over the years, I have studied many market professionals, but have found none to be of the same caliber as John. John is a cons

Hi Mary and John, what an absolutely superb time we had on the cruise. It was everything we had hoped it would be for us and more.