Seminars Details

Technical Analysis Expo March, 2013

March 22-23, 2013

John Person will be presenting a LIVE event at the Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris)

  • on friday 22nd March (2 free) :
    10:00 am in Auditorium -
    Real time TA Scanning for high Probability Trading signals -
    5pm in the Theatre - Live Analysis and Trading and Trading Seasonal Price Moves
  • on Saturday 23rd March Paid Event:
    10:30 am (during 4 hours)
    State of the Art Trading for High Performance Results

1 Hour: Real Time Analysis Scanning for High Probability Trading Signals

In this detailed session we will highlight how to scan and search for setups in various markets. All style of traders from day, swing and position traders can take advantage of this information. In addition, you will learn about how to apply techniques to identify the appropriate risk / reward opportunities and understand a simple logical process to use once a scan generates a signal. This session will examine what technical tools best fit for detecting momentum as well as money flow analysis. This session will also help you understand how to best use technical bullish and bearish timing indicators. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better informed on how to confirm your trade set-ups so you can decide your participation rate or position size based on the risk and reward objectives.


1 Hour: Live Analysis and Trading Seasonal Price Moves:

Great traders are known to diversify and use distinctive trading methods, join us as this session helps discover several of them. In this fast action event you will learn how John searches for trade setups using seasonal studies combined with the best confirming non-correlated indicators. You will discover which markets offer a strong directional seasonal tendency, then we will examine which technical tools can be best used to uncover risk and reward objectives. Before placing orders we will examine which trading strategies we can employ to receive the best advantage from leverage, risk and profitability perspectives. Markets covered will include S&P’s, Foreign Currencies, Gold, Crude Oil, and the Agricultural products. Don’t miss this event which promises to give great insights that all traders can take advantage of including day, swing and position as well as spread and option strategists.


Four Hour Session:

State of the Art Trading for High Performance Results  

John Person, trader and author of several popular trading books will teach you his methods and technical tactics for developing a state of the art system based on specific rules and criteria’s that will enable the student to be able to build on their own a scanning feature in order to select stocks in specific sectors. This session will also teach a specific method for trading high performance set-ups covering Stocks, ETF’s, futures, including Emini S&P’s and foreign currencies.

Not only would you learn in detail how to apply his unique technical analysis techniques for day, but also these methods will apply for swing and position trading. In addition, all attendees will receive their own copy of a sector calendar map that pinpoints which stock market sectors as well as commodities are at their prime buying and selling time periods. This information will help individuals plan their trades days, weeks and months in advance and then be better ready to execute those trading plans. John will share with you his unique and specific time frame analysis that gives the trader the ability to quickly identify appropriate risk and reward objectives. This information is critical to help give traders the edge especially as it is applied once a scan generates a buy or sell signal.  This 4-hr session promises to be a fast paced, fun and engaging educational session intended for experienced intermediate to advanced traders. All attendees will receive a printed copy of the material on this presentation. Attendees will also receive a free 30 day trial to PA Stock Alerts advisory service.

You will learn a trading methodology that covers these eight top subject matters in full detail.

1)     Seasonal Stock & Sector Analysis.

2)     Seasonal Market Analysis.

3)     Persons Pivots and the PPS indicator: a complete overview of how they work.  

4)     Using the Commitment of Traders Report in today’s global market place the right way.

5)     Learning the best Indicators Stocks, Futures and Forex.

6)     A complete overview of developing a moving average trading system.

7)     Accurately applying Market Breadth Indicators.

8)     Volume & Open Interest: when to best use these tools for confirmation.


1-6-2015-Please thank John for that amazing analysis of the USO option trade is last nights stock report. Pro at work for sure. cheers, Michael

Hello Mary, I have been following John Person since early 2010.  Over the years, I have studied many market professionals, but have found none to be of the same caliber as John. John is a cons

Hi Mary and John, what an absolutely superb time we had on the cruise. It was everything we had hoped it would be for us and more.