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Yes... YOU can beat the PROP traders and
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But you’ll need…

Check MarkProven tactics to make sound trading decisions.

Check MarkCutting edge technology and great auto-execution.

Check MarkTrade system optimization skills &

Check MarkAlgo Optimizer Training Class:

Three-day intensive workshop on Building and Maintaining Algorithm Strategies using the Person’s Algo Optimizer. This is a first come first serve, limited seating for a select few clients that want to get the best out of auto-trading and system strategy designed trade signals. Three days of Optimizing and system maintenance procedures.

Climb to the top of your trading potential and give yourself the tools and know how to reach your PEAK performance.

Course Objective: The curriculum will cover a wide range of techniques with the main objective to teach how and when to maintain system-trading models for peak performance.

Requirements: (1) Person’s Lifetime Indicator VIP package with TS (2) Algo Optimizer License Lifetime and (3) TradeStation Account. so far, our optimizer is only available at TradeStation, we are working on making available with other platforms. If you wish to take the class without purchasing the Algo Optimizer because you followed the Algo during the trading hours in our trading room, please let me know when registering.

Course Outline:

(1) Defining and classifying time dimensions when trading correlated and non-correlated markets
(2) Optimizing best time and time series to trade
(3) Structural analysis of time series for best triggers and holding periods
(4) Understanding volatility and average true range concepts to utilize peak system optimizations.
(5) Developing long/short or long or short only systems
(6) Filtering breakout strategies using the LCC filtering methods
(7) Knowing when to increase or decrease position size configurations to maximize trading results with proper position size adjustments.

Secure your place for this course now! Seating is very limited and we have already had an overwhelming request to conduct personalized advanced teaching using the Algo Optimize

Where: ONLINE only
When: Tuesday, May 17th, 18th and 19th, 2022
Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM ET

Price $1180.

If you need assistance, call 561-655-1881 or email: – or click here to reserve your place.

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Our Algo Xtreme and Indicators Products Offer Below.

John Person's Optimizer

What's been your biggest struggle?

You've probably been there yourself: one day you're confident because your trades have been profitable, maybe more than you could imagine.

The next day, your trades go down the tubes and you become super hesitant. You can't bear this emotional roller coaster, and you quickly lose focus.

Trust me, it happens all the time. I should know - I've lived through it for more years than I care to share.

  • Market start to move and you want in but you missed the bid
  • Markets are flat for hours but the minute you walk away the trade you've been waiting for happens...AND
    you're not in!
  • You get in the market but get stopped out, get in again and the same thing happens. But the one trade you should be in, you are NOT... because your confidence is so crushed!
  • You buy in and get stopped out, but your research said to reverse the trade and you don't and that turns out to be the big Winner and you missed it...

This is The Types of product YOU WANT!

Here's What You Get:

  • Includes a LIFETIME license to John's indicators on TradeStation
  • Includes LIFEtime license to Person's Algo System Optimizer
  • Customer Service and Support during Installation, to have you ready to run.
  • Membership to the PUG Group.



Person's Algo System Optimizer and LIFEtime



TradeStation LIFEtime package Only





CALL 561-655-1881


BUY NOW $7,997

BUY NOW $3,960

BUY NOW $3,960

Software Support available for 12 months from purchased date.
Software Support available for 12 months from purchased date.

Software Support available for 12 months from purchased date.

In person classes

Have Some Questions? Here are a few we received.

Q. Do I need TradeStation Platform to run the Algo Optimizer? A. Yes, the Algo Optimizer is a program that runs only with theTradeStation in conjuction with our LIFETIME inticators. Through our long term relationship, Tradestation has offered a full 100% commission rebate on any new account on the purchases of our LIFETIME indicator and the Algo Optimizer. For more information about the rebate approval from TradeStation rebate click here .

Q. What Training is needed to use the Algo Optimizer? A. Learning how to use this product is pretty easy. We include a complete training manual and videos plus private webinars, on going customer service.

Q. I saw the webinar and heard you say the price was $3,900?  Are there more costs? A. The price of the lifetime indicator is $4,500 and the Algo system is $4,5000 - the discount bundle price is $7,920. One license per account.

Q. Can I trade with my current broker? A. This product is solely available through TradeStation Securities.

Q. What size account wold be best to start with? A.The account size is dependent on the markets you are trading. We have a pre-built position size application that allows users to define position sizes by three methods in this version. The first selection is Capital Traded it will automatically calculate and allocate the amount of shares you wish to trade based on capital available. The second selection function will automatically calculate and allocate the amount of shares or positions based on risk per trade, and the third function allows you to trade a set number of shares or positions. We advocate having proper risk management and not to abuse the power of leverage and use full Initial margin requirements set by the exchanges. As always, consult your broker or financial advisor for all your account needs and risk management.

Q. Can I trade this through my IRA account? A.TradeStation has that option. It is always best to speak to their representative to determine what is best for your personal finances and risk. However, our Algo Optimizer is based on both approved products as well as being able to use the Algo Optimizer as a trade alert where you can select what stock or ETF to trade and then manually enter your order on a discretionary basis.

Q. In the past I mainly day traded ES and 6E, will this product work for those? A. The reason it was name "Algo Optimizer" was because it allows the owner or user to optimize and maintain the integrity through time based on market conditions such as volatility changes. It works on ETFs, Stocks, Forex, and Futures, which includes the popylar day trade futures market like the "ES", "YM", "CL","GC", & "6E".

Q. Does this help me filter out trades for an option strategy? A. This product in not an option alert system like a high volume or volatility spike indicator, rather its an optimizer, it identifies algorithm generated trade signals on Stocks, ETFS and Futures with the feature of identifying the stop and profit targets. The individual user can use that information and apply a directional option strategy such as a stock replacement strategy, or a more advance and aggressive option strategy like a ratio back spread. One could also apply no direction option writing strategies.

Q. I would like to understand more about this new product but have concerns if you do sell it, what happens then? A. We need to limit licenses due to possible acquisition & to ensure integrity of trade signals. If product is acquired then we had a total number of allowed available licenses.  Once you purchase this product it is yours for lifetime. It is attached to your customer ID account number through Tradestation. It cannot be deactivated or taken from you.

Q. The webinar session said I can select long or short or both what does that mean? A. There is a function that allows you turn “on” or “off” the Buy or Sell signals. As an example for markets deemed to be in a strong bullish trend mode you can turn off the sell signal mode and take only long entry signals.

Q. I lease a system that charges me $149.00 per month per each contract, how many positions am I allowed to trade with this product. A. This is not a system. The beauty of this product it has no restrictions on the quantity you want to trade or the markets you want to trade. The buy and sell signals are based on my proprietary algorithms but any strategy you develop is based on your optimization tests, which makes the settings unique to you. Therefore you can trade as many share or positions as your risk allows. In addition since we are not selling a “black box” strategy on one single market based on one time frame like an end of day trading system none of the signals will be impacted by multiple users. This ensures both a high level of integrity on the entry of orders.  

If you have any question please feel free to email us at

Here is what John Said in his Webinar on August 30th
(Video for reference - offer in the video below not longer available)

John Person's LIFETIME PUG Group:

watch more

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Person's User Group (PUG) is a once-a-month session hosted by John Person to help teach and train users how to get the most out of the trading tools. The sessions also include training on software updates, as well as stocks, ETF’s or sector analysis. This is the community where individuals can share their experiences and ask question while receiving professional guidance.


John uses his own proprietary method that filters out and reduces excess information overload or what we call unnecessary "noise". This method allows him to project the potential high and low as well as the expected range in a given trading period with a greater degree of accuracy. John Person's Scans for Stock, Futures & Forex opportunities will give you week to week the best trading analysis money can buy using his LIFETIME Indicators.


Don't take MY word for it -
here's what my clients are saying:

"I have traded in dozens of trading rooms for over 16 years and I want to relay to others that in my experience John Person is head and shoulders above the rest. The trading system that John has developed works beautifully day in and out in any time frame."

Peter B.

"Your market sense and insight kept me on the right side of the market and in numerous successful trades. I can't express enough my gratitude for all the hard work you do on behalf of your clients. I know you have mentioned that this work is something that you do for yourself, but sharing it with us on such a timely basis is incredibly helpful and appreciated."

John Z.

"I wish I would have found you before I spent untold thousands on books, courses, tapes, and other media, some of which aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Any time someone can take the time to give back and help others accomplish that which he or she has learned and profited from it's not only rare, but very admirable, so thank you!!"

J. McCallum

"If you are considering taking a course from John, I strongly encourage you to do so. He gave me a strong foundation from which to build my own methods. If you are lost as a trader, John will be able to help you. Thank you John, I owe all my success to you!"

Loren M.

John Person Indicators

Hey, maybe you've never made a single trade your entire life...

But you're looking for that little "nudge" to get you started!

I'm sure you've heard it before: "trading is risky."

  • Leaving your home
  • Driving a car
  • Playing sports
  • Eating
  • Arguing with your wife
  • Going to the beach

Basically, just living life can be risky.

Sure, trading can also be risky - but ONLY if you go into it unprepared.

And that's exactly what I'm NOT going to let you do.

You, too, can now trade like a PRO


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