Options Class with John Person

If you have never attended one of my events then take advantage of this very special 3-day workshop. I am not only teaching some of my incredible set-ups, but I will also be sharing with you the best way to use specific trading tools that give out some of the most reliable signals.

Why is the seminar different and what it would cover?

Private Option Mentoring Class

Why traders need to use 5 specific technical tools on underlying instruments to trade options. The course will disclose which ones to use, when to apply them and what trading platforms provide them.

  • Understanding volatility (real, implied, historic).
  • The importance of debit and credit spreads.
  • When and when not to use Straddles and Strangles.
  • The ins and outs of directional Ratio Back spreads.
  • When to use weekly options when selling diagonal spreads
  • How to pick the right option expiration and the right deltas.
  • A session on self-awareness that includes techniques to lower stress levels, improve emotional reactions that should reduce chances of impulse trading. Provide a check list to enhanced intuition conquer negative thinking. The purpose here is to help students improve self-discipline, attention and be a more mechanical trader.

And that is just some of what we will be covering in this special workshop. If you’ve been struggling, or scarred to trade due to a past experience, if your trading performance has been struggling then I encourage you to sign up right away.

FREE bonus — Options Strategy Course Volume 1 and 2 valued at $800.

There is physically LIMITED seating so again sign up now.

Just like in trading, don’t let a little ‘Theta” time decay leave you in the Dust.
Reserve YOUR seat! Don’t be left out…..

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