The Weekly Report and the Live Training Room is a combine service from

In the room you will be guided and instructed to follow a set of concise rules, which keep you on a disciplined path. These rules are based on a proven methodology taught in John Person’s courses. Our method is based on a proprietary mechanical formula integrating candlestick patterns with a special means for filtering out Pivot Point Analysis. This is truly a cutting edge system and a wave of the future for harvesting profits from the markets. LOG to the room with your user name and password: here

Weekly Planning & Scanning Report

A phenomenal trading tool, Planning and Scanning is a weekly ONLINE service to help you with your research and technical analysis. Using his proprietary indicators, scans and other trading tools, John compiles his Weekly Thoughts and Observations for the week and shares them with our subscribers on Sunday evening prior to “Opening Bell” on Monday morning. During the first hour of his Live Forum, he is recorded, detailing this report. The video is then posted to our website. Additionally, alerts are tweeted and/or emailed to each subscriber throughout the week. Access to this amazing tool is password protected. The heavy lifting for the week is done!

Additional Training in the PersonsPlanet Live Training room . Once you register, an individual password is send to you.



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Trading Room Hours
Weekdays from 9AM – 4:15PM EST
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OPEN:  Monday Morning Session – 9:00 AM – WE ARE CLOSE FOR BUSINESS DURING ALL NATIONAL HOLIDAYS and the last two weeks of each year for Christmas and New Year holiday.

We have two payment options available: $150.00 per month, and  $387.00 a quarter. members of PUG get an additional discount.


  1. Includes a written report (Weekly Thoughts and Observations) from John each Sunday evening.
  2. Email and Tweet alerts with updates (Follow us on Twitter click here)
  3. Access to the weekly recorded overview via

Stand Out Above the Crowd

Anyone and everyone can calculate and produce the pivot point support and resistance numbers. In fact, John has trained over one thousand traders in his past twenty-nine years of experience. However, in our trading room we use his proprietary method that filters and reduces excess information overload or what we call unnecessary “noise”. This method allows us to project the potential high and low as well as the expected range in a given trading period with a high degree of accuracy. Join fellow members from around the world who have discovered the consistency of the method.

Become Successful

The Best Traders execute a proven methodology in trading. They have confidence; they demonstrate patience and practice discipline. They follow a plan that has proven history of high probability win ratios.

Results Driven Professionals

To ensure the integrity and consistency of our performance in the trading room and the learning environment, we follow clear, concise rules. We focus and work extremely hard at identifying our special setups and patterns all day long, every day. Therefore, please refrain from private messaging the instructors and mentors during trading hours. This enables us to devote our entire energies to provide the most exceptional analysis for the most favorable odds for your trading success. Our members will collectively benefit immensely from this policy. We are result driven professionals; we have the experience, credentials and strive to share this with you. We know what traders need regardless of your trading experience level.

Mastering Your Goals

It is not enough to simply state an objective or goal. It is critical to calculate how you plan to achieve that objective or goal. A trader needs to take into consideration their account equity, the size of their position, how many contracts they trade, their risk factor and rules of risk management. It is not just about making money. Making money is the ends. This Virtual Room shows you the means to making these ends.

In order to achieve or master your goals you need to overcome the emotional pitfalls that trading weighs on your psyche. By being in an environment with other traders following proven, testifiable methods, you will achieve the following:

  1. Virtually eliminate fear and greed from your trading
  2. Gain confidence in yourself 
  3. Analysis and Research 

Trading Room Etiquette and Protocol

To ensure that we remain disciplined and focused, we stick to the rules outlined in John’s trading course. Our motto is “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.   To ensure that, we need to follow certain guidelines as set forth below:

  1. Refrain from private messages to instructors during trading hours
  2. If you have questions that are not pertinent to the current analysis, please email the question and we will answer the question as time permits after the market close.
  3. During slow periods, we will set aside times for direct questions so that your learning curve improves.
  4. Members need to prepare by reading the nightly market updates and pre-market analysis
  5. Members are encouraged to remain focused on the specific indicators used to generate the trade rather than searching and switching to other forms of analysis mid-trade.

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