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The Best Tips and Key Observations using Volume.

Let's make a Plan...Begin By Asking Yourself these Questions?

Online Class How can I become more empowered and make better trading decisions?
Online Class
Do I have a set goal and a PLAN that I follow when trading?
Online ClassDo I see better results with certain chart patterns and technical conditions?
Online ClassWhat is the importance of learning new tools and Strategies from the right Mentor?

What do you need for Successful Trading strategies

Successful trading is all about diligence, hard work, and having a winning attitude! Take the trades that were developed with positive thought from PREDEFINE TRADING SIGNALS based on a sound TRADING PLAN.

John will help you develop the confidence to execute when a trading opportunity presents itself. Trading on a rule based system will help you overcome any issues as long as you are trading based on a Signal or Trigger. NEVER take action on ANTICIPATING the signal....

John says: "I have always looked at Volume as a key leading indicator as I believe smart money gets into trades before the real news is revealed"

... And this is why he uses volume, to get an edge and early warnings before big moves happen.

Its been stated many times that the "life blood of the market is volume". Option professionals scan for higher than usual volume in Option strikes. Many people still look at the volume graph, but have no idea how to interpret the information. I know multitudes of traders who do not even know what to look for or why volume studies work.

John's Summertime Special Training Class will take place online and will cover over 6-hours of course material. As always, John innovated ways of trading always will keep you ahead of the game.

The Curriculum

Here is the curriculum for this three day event:

  • Day Traders: How to use the Depth of Market (DOM) to spot high and low daily price points.
  • On Balance Volume - How to combine PPS Buy /Sell indicator with On-Balance Volume Indicator
    to run scans to find trading set-ups.
  • Creating your very own volume indicator with overlaping moving averages to be use on any platform.
  • When and when NOT to use volume histogram bars.
  • When and when NOT to use volume histogram bar tool.
  • Why you should compare current volume levels to historic data.
  • How to set up a filtered scan criteria on Thinkorswim (TOS).
  • How to use the first hour volume reading to help identify "hot stocks" that might be getting unusual volume action in Options.
  • Getting a major heads up using end of day volume combined with breadth and relative Strength readings using the PMC indicator on TOS.

This workshop will be held in three class sessions to allow ample time for all students to take note, ask questions, and prepare for the next sessions. Classes are schedule on Tuesday, August 10th, Wednesday, August 11th and Thursday, August 12th, from 12 PM ET until 2:00 PM each day. To register for this class, click below

Online Class

YOU, too, can use the same METHODS traders all over the world are using to make successful, profitable trades DAILY!

To be successfull, TRADERS NEED...

  • Reliable information.
  • Advance state of the art technology.
  • Good execution, consistent returns.
  • Great mentoring with continued education.

That is what we provide our clients!

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