Person's Pivot Triggers

John’s Daily Person’s Pivots indicator is really just the start. John has developed 2 more advanced indicators: The Person Pivot Triggers and Persons Pivots Advanced Trading System. These indicators build off of John’s Pivots Points. However, the Person Pivot Triggers and Person Pivots Advanced Trading System give you the buy and sell indicators to signal entry and exit points on the chart.

Designed for the intermediate up to advanced level of active traders. This is a powerful package of logically interwoven indicators such as Support & Resistance Levels, Price Momentum Signals, Trend Momentum and Volume Indicator. Applicable for Day, Swing and Position traders in asset classes such as individual Stock, ETF’s and Futures markets.

This Toolkit Includes :

Persons Pivots Indicator: which uses a moving average component to determine market trend outlook, bullish for uptrends and bearish for down trends. It then projects on the charts the respected support and resistance targets, which are color coded. The package includes Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly time frame analysis.
PPS Bullish and Bearish Momentum Indicator: This is a proprietary indicator that prints color coded arrows which are literally “painted” on the charts. These arrows indicate if the momentum is bullish or bearish. Arrows pointing up under the specific candle indicate a bullish momentum and arrows pointing down above the specific candle indicate a bearish momentum.

3 Proprietary Chart Pattern Indicators: Includes the Last Conditional Change (LCC) levels overlaid for both bullish and bearish price levels. The charts are color coded for Low and High Close Doji (LCD / LCD) patterns for easy identification for key buy and sell candle patterns. All of which are John’s unique copywritten studies.

Persons Momentum Histogram Indicator : Which gives early warnings of strengthening and weakening trend conditions. It also illustrates bullish and bearish price divergences.
Volume Trend Indicator: a modified version of the “On Balance Volume” Indicator, with a moving average component that helps confirm bullish and bearish trend conditions and market reversals.

A time-tested package of logically interwoven trading tools that help corroborate and support traders to make informed decisions. Combined, these tools give traders an edge and help filter prospective trade signals from the Persons Pivot Point Indicator.

This indicator plots on a chart the pivot points, support and resistance related to the chart timeframe (i.e. Intraday will calculate daily numbers, Daily – Weekly etc.). This will automatically calculate the projected Daily Pivot Point Support & Resistance numbers based on a Proprietary set of algorithms that incorporates the Pivot Point Moving Average as it relates to the Close and Pivot Point Value.