Our Goal:

To Turn You into a Deadly Profitable Trader

John Person is an internationally recognized specialist in investments, trading and financial management. He has trained thousands of investors to profitably trade.

John has developed a proven 5-step program to progress you from a beginner to a top trader. His objective is to give you the skills and confidence you need to perform at the highest levels without his direction. This process, however, takes time, attention, and devotion to our program.

Step 1

Download John's FREE report to become familiar with John's philosophy and track record.

Step 2

Sign up for John's Planning & Scanning Report to receive a weekly dose of John's advice - using his proprietary indicators, scans and other trading tools - as it relates to the market right now.

Step 3

Take our Online Courses to learn how to master specific tools and methods.

Step 4

Attend a Live Event and learn from John in a personable environment. Get your questions answered, meet other traders, discover what's most important now.

Step 5

One-on-One Mentoring with John in a small group. He works with only 20 people per year. After 5 days of intesive mentoring, you will be physically and mentally prepared to trade like a professional.