TradeShark Software Review

Introducing the John Person Premium Trading Indicators

Everyone can get into a trade.I’ve got a mouse, point and click, I’m in a trade, now what? Where do I move my stop? What’s my profit target? What’s the momentum of the market? Is there strength behind this market? Is it moving or as the markets moving, does it have legs to run? The exclusive John Person Indicators in TradeShark can help with this. My favorite feature in TradeShark of course are my two proprietary indicators which are exclusive to TradeShark. My indicators help you to determine price levels, to learn more go to

It works for both things, trailing our stops and knowing what our risk-factor is. That’s real important for two things. “What’s my risk when I get into trade?” Everyone looks at great opportunity, fantastic trade opportunities, but what did that opportunity come at the cost of risking? That’s where this TradeShark indicator helps us to determine from the point of entry: where does my initial stop go. Therefore, it does two things. It tracks how to initially put your stop when you get into a trade, how to trail your stop, and also a reversal point of when a trend starts to go from up to down or vice versa.