We are Back and looking forward to seeing you in-person

2-Day Intensive Seminar in Florida!

DATE: December 2nd and 3rd, 2022
LOCATION: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Many traders have asked all year, when are we going to do another live trading seminar event to teach John's “trade secrets”, but thanks to Covid 19, any live seminar ideas were thrown out the window in the last few years. We believed that when teaching there is nothing better than in-person instruction, the interaction in class between traders and the instructor brings a different energy to the group. 

Every Journey begins with the first step!

Whether you are a beginner trader or an advance trader our objective will allways be to Turn You into a Deadly Profitable Trader and teach you how do markets really function; know this and you can move your business forward much faster and further. In fact, understanding how markets truly function allows you to act much more swiftly and execute or trigger into a trade or position much more effectively.

The secrets and unique techniques John shares with you are designed to shorten your learning curve by using techniques that John developed over more than four decades in this industry... a weekend with John Person can be the difference between you getting average results or finally getting your business performing on a professional level.

Ask yourself... How many times do you find yourself trading in circles...having a string of good days, only to be followed by the blowout trades that bring you right back to where you started from?

If you've experience this, read on....

Successful trading is all about diligence, hard work, having a winning attitude AND having the critical tools necessary to make your life easier and your business more profitable... and the knowledge of how to use these tools correctly. 

You'll know how to trade based on the right information from PREDEFINED TRADING SIGNALS based on a sound TRADING PLAN.

I'll help you develop the confidence to execute when a trading opportunity presents itself. 

You'll understand the value of trading on a rule based system and how this can help you overcome any challenge as long as you are trading based on a Signal or Trigger. 

Find out why you NEVER want to take action ANTICIPATING the signal and why this can be so detrimental to your business...

Discover how to properly use the Person's Pivot Indicator for...

... KNOWING when a TRUE change in market direction is in effect.
... Understanding how to proceed when you are alerted to a change in market direction by the PPI
... Seeing what the PPI's true purpose is and how you can gain HUGE advantages and benefits from using this proven, powerful system.

Discover how the Person's Pivot Indicator (PPI) helps you filter out which pivot point support and resistance number to use, AND also gives you advanced warnings about the next time period's market condition, based on the current close. 

Imagine using that information to take trades that are within the predicted market condition and how powerful this can be to your profits! 

Other important details of what you will learn in this class 

  • General Overview of combining PPS with Persons Pivots and the importance behind the “Blue – Gold” indicator.
  • Learning why Relative Strength Analysis is paramount to stock & ETF traders and why the Persons Market Catcher delivers traders a better edge.
  • Volume Analysis: the lifeblood of markets. How to better use On-balance Volume, why the JP Volume Indicator is “worth its weight in gold”.
  • Cross-sectional time series trade set-ups (the foundation and methodology behind the TSI indicator).
  • Learning to read and apply statistical back test results.

These are the topics we'll cover together to help you have the most positive results You are in for an exciting training event! 

Your Hotel: 

Where: Hilton Garden Inn
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33404
Telephone: 561-694-5833


The location of the hotel / seminar is exceptional - just a few miles from the best Golf courses in Palm Beach County; PGA International, North Palm Beach Golf Course and many more. The hotel is located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, across from the Palm Beach Gardens Mall. With a variety of restaurants surrounding the hotel, you will have many options on where to relax after class and the beach is only a few minutes drive. The Airport is within 20 minutes of the hotel. 

If you need assistance or a special request with any of the travel arrangements, please contact our office at (561) 655-1881 and we will be happy to assist you.

The secrets and unique techniques we disclose in this event are designed to make you a Superstar Trader. There is LIMITED seating.

Just like in trading, those who delay are left out

This High Powered LIVE TRAINING EVENT will fill up quickly and we cannot make any exceptions since we have limited space due to new sitting restrictions. The cost of this event is $1,378 for a limited time only. This offer will expire 7-30-2022

When: December 2nd and 3rd, 2022
Time: 9AM - 3:30PM 
Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Cost: $1,878.00 “Early-bird tickets from $1,378 until  July 30th, 2022"

The cost of this educational seminar may be TAX deductible when used for business/investment purposes. Consult your tax advisor. Please note: Futures, Options, Forex, and Stock trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not for everyone. Each investor must carefully consider their own suitability for trading these kinds of investments. Due to very limited capacity, late enrollment may not be accepted. Order now to secure and confirm your seat at this event.